3rd Nov 2021

ACDG and CENAREST collaborate on a new sustainable development research centre

Glasgow, 3 November 2021 – The African Conservation Development Group (ACDG), developer of the Grande Mayumba project for the sustainable exploitation of natural resources, announces the signing of a scientific collaboration agreement between forestLAB and CENAREST (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique). forestLAB is a research centre dedicated to supporting the development of the Grande Mayumba project and to formulating innovative solutions for sustainable development in Gabon and central Africa.  

The signing ceremony took place today at COP26 in Glasgow, attended by representatives of forestLAB’s founding partners – the ACDG Group, the London School of Economics (LSE) and the University of Stirling. The vital role of forests in global carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation has been a central theme of the opening sessions at COP26, with major announcements on forest financing and a commitment from over 100 nations to halt deforestation.  

With billions of dollars at stake, the robustness of data and methodologies for carbon measurement and the importance of scientific research to analyse the impacts of climate change and mitigation measures will be critical. forestLAB has been established to contribute towards scientific research into the role of tropical forest ecosystems in mitigating climate change. By capacitating Central African researchers and strengthening the linkages between science and industry, forestLAB will support the emergence of progressive new models for sustainable development in the region.

forestLAB’s research teams will be made up of researchers provided by the founding partners of forestLAB, the University of Stirling, which has a long experience of fieldwork in Gabon, and the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at the London School of Economics, as well as Gabonese researchers working under the auspices of CENAREST.

Speaking at the signing agreement, Alan Bernstein, founder and CEO of ACDG stated: “We believe that the findings from forestLAB will have a real impact in fostering new scientific, technical and economic solutions to accelerate climate-smart development. ForestLAB’s findings will thus concretely support the success of Gabon’s sustainable development strategy.

Professor Alfred Ngomanda, General Commissioner of CENAREST, stated: “Through training programmes for our students and joint scientific research programmes, this agreement will help Gabon to strengthen its skills and knowledge in sustainable development.”

forestLAB’s field research will initially focus on the provinces of Ogooué-Maritime, particularly in the Loango National Park where forestLAB’s initial research centre will be located, and in the province of Nyanga where the Grande Mayumba project is being developed.